Argentinas highest mural by Martin Ron

By Martin Ron in Banfield, Buenos Aires

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Martín Ron:

This beautiful postcard is now accompanied by two giant murals ✨⁣

🖌️I finished the new mural a few days ago, exactly one year after that decree that forced us to stay in our homes🦠 It was something unthinkable, not only because they are separated by a street away and for a very particular year, but they are the evidence of two very different worlds, the one full of hugs and the new one that still gives me chills.

I also want to tell you what it meant for my career to paint on such a large scale and after so long 💥 The first of 50 meters and the second of 65 meters, are the highest in Argentina and the region (help me confirm this?) ⁣

⏳And as time continues to run, one more comes to complete the trilogy. Two years after the first we will meet again, March 2022 is the date 🙏 Hopefully it will be in another different world. A healthier third world, with more hugs and above all with much more freedom than the previous ones.

🔥Thanks to @vidaldesarrollos to my assistants @mcparri and @nicolasdicianno to @elgalgopinta and @joacaba and @franciscobuduba for the audiovisual coverage.

Photo by @gastonroel
Photo by @gastonroel
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