In memory of Daft Punk by graffiti artist Pieksa in Zabłocie, Krakow, Poland

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    The graffiti artist Pieksa made this artwork in memory of Daft Punk.

    Location: Zabłocie, Krakow, Poland.

    “This is my appreciation post for these two French guys who changed the music industry. Positivity, happiness, excitement, mystery, joy and many, many other intense feelings flow from their tracks and it’s a bit sad that this journey came to an end. However, on the other hand it’s really comforting that you can always go back and just play their tunes “One more time”🎶🎶🎶 Thus… Thank you @daftpunk for everything you have created. Your big fan. P.S. Hopefully one day you’ll change your mind 🤞🏼” – Pieksa

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