Boring Buildings transforms into art (32 photos) – Seth a Collection

By street artist Seth

Most information under each photo is quotes from Seth himself on Instagram

Born in Paris, Seth began to paint on the walls of his city in the mid-90s. Before becoming a full-time artist, Seth works in the creative industries: advertising, cartoons, comics. He painted in the street for his pleasure.

From 2003, he went on a journey around the world to exchange with artists from different cultures, and open to new ways of living and painting in urban areas. During his artistic explorations, Seth developed a recognizable stile often working on childhood.

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Enter the vortex – rue Jeanne d’Arc, Paris 13 with @galerie_itinerrance in Paris, France
Viviane hesitate, La Butte aux cailles, Paris, France
Periscopes – Street Art by Seth in Shanghai, China
Cat Walk – Street Art by Seth in Shanghai, China
“Keep in touch” Popasna, Donbass Ukraine.
Seth: “When I asked the kids what was the meaning of this painting, they mostly answered that it spoke about love.
In Popasna, the war divides people, not only geographically but also in their convictions. This wall is a tribute to the children of Popasna who manage to stay together in despite of the adults madness. Thanks to @sosnovoleg for making it possible”
“Telefòn” Little Haïti, Miami “Made in Haïti ” exhibition with @marthacoopergram at @castaniergallery
“O marinheiro ”, Passo da Pátria, Natal, Brasil with @inarteurbana
Paris, France
“Little Thor” in UNESCO World Heritage Vauban’s fortification in Neuf-Brisach for @mausa.vauban project
The gardeners – At Nicklaus children’s hospital in Miami, USA
3 masks – Chosun University, Gwangju, South Korea
“Jack in the box”, for “Out in the Open” project @kirkgallery, Aalborg, Denmark
Seth: “Red scarf – painted, erased, repainted, erased again in a lane near Yu garden, Shanghai, 2018. I thank the local administration of this neighborhood for the interesting collaboration”
Collaboration with Korean painter Heo Dal Yong in Hae Dong, Damyang, South Korea
Paris, France
Camsize and friend, Ravine-Sèche, Haïti
Paris, France
Paris, France
Paris, France
“The wire” – for @grenoblestreetartfest, Fontaine, France
Lala can fly too, – Butte aux cailles, Paris, France
Jaho on his doorstep, Butte aux cailles, Paris, France
With Hermano @saner_edgar in Coyoacàn, Ciudad Mexico
Meng Leang takes part at the story I’ve painted on the wall of Phnom Penh’s old textile factory with @paintphnompenh
Little Putu meets her new friend, Canggu, Bali, Indonesia
Wendy at the window – Jersey City, USA
Dirty Hands – With the kids of Passo da Pátria, Natal, Brasil with social and artistic project @inarteurbana
Escada – Collaboration with @derlon in Obrigado Irmão. São Paulo, Brazil
“The ladder ”, tribute to the artist Bilal Berreni, known by the pseudonym Zoo Project died in July 2013 at the age of 23. His name is given to a place in the district of Saint-Blaise in the 20th arrondissement of Paris, the same place where he grew up and where this mural is painted.

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