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Nuart Festival 2015 – In Stavanger, Norway

A text from Martyn Reed at Nuart:

From the last week in August, an invited national and international roster of artists descended upon Stavanger, Norway to leave their mark on the city’s walls, both indoor and out for Nuart Festival’s 15th Anniversary. The resulting period of activity saw one of Europe’s most dynamic and constantly evolving public art events take place.

Invited artists were among some of the most acclaimed and progressive public art practitioners in the world. This years guests arrived from eleven different countries and spanned four decades of unsanctioned public art practice: from the early days of UK punk & New York graffiti to urban interventionists, Norwegian stencil artists, muralists, activists and those simply concerned with brightening up your day.

Nuart Festival’s indoor exhibition, initially established as an alibi for our street works, has grown into a truly remarkable and unique event in its own right. The exhibition, although presented in traditional format, is a small part of a complex series of international events, networks, locations, technologies, platforms and media that are currently revolutionising public art practice.

As ever, first and foremost, we hope that Nuart Festival will encourage others to get involved in the art form we love.

For more information please visit www.nuartfestival.no  

Most of the photos by Ian Cox.

By Bordalo II.

By Ella&Pitr.

By Ella&Pitr.

By Ella&Pitr.

By Pejac.

By Isaac Cordal.

By Martin Whatson.

By Ernest Zacharevic.

By Bortusk Leer.

By Ernest Zacharevic.