By Dr Love at Upfest – In Bristol, England

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    Street Art by Dr Love at Upfest 2015 in Bristol, England

    Street Artist Dr. Love

    On Facebook. By Dr Love at Upfest 2015 in Bristol, England. Photo by Daz Smith.

    Dr.Love is the pseudonym of a Georgian street artist. He is known for his multi-layer, full color stencils, text-based painted murals and street installations. His motives are often pop-cultural references put into a humoristic or critical context, but the main purpose of his work is to spread love. Dr.Love was born in 1985 and raised in Tbilisi, Georgia. He started with stencil art in 2010 and was inspired by the Georgian street artist Miro. First stencils were made for t-shirts, later he moved to streets and his name appeared on the walls in the city.

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