Street Art by Dan Kitchener in Vienna, Austria

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    Street Art by Dank  in Vienna, Austria

    Street Artist Dan Kitchener

    On Facebook. By Dan Kitchener in Vienna, Austria. Photo by Herbalizer.

    More by Dan Kitchener on Street Art Utopia.


    1. Censorship, filtering, take your pick. �It happens to individuals as well as businesses. I do find it humorous that we try and take ownership of how a business should run itself. �Companies are allowed to be idiots, whether we like it or not.

    2. Weird facets of Facebook are creeping out of the ether in the real world everywhere. During a hit-and-fade beverage stop at 7-Eleven yesterday, I saw 7-Eleven �Farmville� branded ice cream. I can only assume Mafia Wars frozen pizza is next.

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