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19 beloved Street Art Photos – Nov 2013 – Jan 2014

This is some of the most beloved photos on our Facebook Page Nov 2013 – Jan 2014!

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On Facebook. By Daniel Siering and Mario Shu in Potsdam, Germany.

On Facebook. By Pejak in Santander, Spain.

On Facebook. By Hopare of Nelson Mandela in Paris, France.

On Facebook. By C215 in Senegal.

On Facebook. By Trebel Art in Perugia, Italy.

On Facebook. By David Zinn in Michigan, USA.

On Facebook. In New York, USA by Icy And Sot: Facebook/Homepage.

On Facebook. By JULY i. In Toronto, Canada.

On Facebook.

On Facebook. By Mesa.

On Facebook. By Jace.

On Facebook. By Ladamen Roug. In St Etienne, France.

On Facebook. In Germany by Jana & JS: Homepage/Facebook.

On Facebook. In Inner Sunset, San Francisco, USA. Photos from Meliora.

On Facebook. By David Walker in Miami, USA.

On Facebook. By Alice Pasquini in Madrid. Photos by Street Art Madrid.

On Facebook. By Bordalo Segundo in Portugal.

On Facebook. By Case in Erfurt, Germany.

On Facebook. By L7m most of them in Luxembourg.